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About Us

For more than a decade Hessa Medical’s history has been tied up with international brands and partners in health care and medical industry int he UAE since its inception providing quality products and services to Hospitals. Clinics, Pharmacies and other Medical institutions.
To effectively serve all specialized and diverse needs of the health care sector in the UAE and to provide reliable quality products to our custormers.
We strive to be among top leaders in health care industry for UAE and neighboring countries by adopting creative and professional marketing approach with dedication and excellence in distribution activities.
Hessa Medical Equipments Company LLC., Dubai is the distributor of Medical Equipment, Instruments, High end Medical Software for BMT (Breast Milk Tracking), Milk Banks and Hospital consumables. The motto of Hessa Medical Equipments Company LLC. is – reliable Partnership i.e. to provide reliable and professional partnerships to our Principals as well as being a partner in Healthcare field by supplying high quality products at a competitive price to our customers, and providing on time after sales service support.
Hessa Medical is owned and directed by Ms. Ritu D’Silva, have a philosophy of providing quality healthcare products and service for all at a competitive price.


Mercury Medical, USA: Manufacturer and suppliers of airway management products, Laryngeal mask, CPR bags, Anaesthesia products and Laryngoscopes.
Kentec Medicals, USA: Disposable Neonatal, Infant and Pediatric Limb Boards, Manufacture of umbilical catheters, I.V splints, External feeding tubes, etc.
Small Beginnings, USA: Neonatal products like Phototherapy eye shield, positioning aids, Meconium aspirator, Low birth diapers, incubator covers, diapers etc.
Cair LGL, France: Manufacture of needle free valve, Y-connectors, neonatal connector, extension lines, mucus extractor, feeding tube, centre line, thermal blood and fluid warmer, warming unit etc.
Masimo, Sweden: Emma Capnograph and Capnometer
BioProtech, Korea: ECG electrodes, ESU pencil and diathermy plates
Clarus Medical, USA: Intubation laryngeal with digital video scope, SOS Adult w/eye piece, SOS paediatric, Leviton adult green line with stop
PDC “Precision Dynamics Corporation” Europe: Specialized in all range of ID bands and Foot prints.
Natus – Hawai Medical, USA: Neonatal products like Sucrose, Neat stick, positioning aids, smoothies, incubator mattress etc.
Micro warm (CuraPax):  Patented hot & cold bags for various therapies for Physiotherapy, NICU, OT, Gynaecology etc.