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We are HessaMed.

Hessa Medical Equipment Company LLC., Dubai is a new-age Healthcare Solutions Provider focusing on neonatal care and other allied healthcare disciplines including Critical care, Respiratory Care, Emergency Care, Home Care, In-Patient Pharmacies, Healthcare IT.

Hessa Med is committed to increasing access to quality healthcare by providing affordable, high-quality medical equipment and consumables in the region.

Hessa Med has achieved a leadership position through innovative sales and customer care processes, long-standing partnerships, and support from reputed global brands

At Hessa Med, we are committed to scientific progress and identifying unmet healthcare needs to provide innovative solutions and drive patients’ access to the highest quality healthcare.

Our Mission

To achieve our economic success by rediscovering what we offer, and calibrating how we offer to ensure that we provide exceptional customer service

Our Vision

To lead and advance healthcare in the GCC through innovative and quality solutions, while fostering healthier communities and upholding unwavering integrity.

Our Values

We empower our partners to enhance their offerings by providing dedicated support
and unwavering commitment.


We pursue excellence by thinking differently every time, everywhere and achieve competency in seeing possibility instead of limitation



We always strive to become aware of the relationship between the self, others, and the environment through conscious thought, emotion, and action



We actively seek opportunities to improve our processes and abilities in order to deliver a memorable customer experience



We consider forced chaos and change can propel sustainability and growth much needed to play right in a VUCA world



We constantly endeavor to understand and shape the customer needs and thereby deliver distinctive value for our customers



We take pride in demonstrating honesty and open communication within the entire ecosystem where we operate

Our History

We have come a long way in delivering excellence to our customers and enabling medical care better since 2008

Our History

We have come a long way in delivering excellence to our customers and enabling medical care better since 2008

Our Partners

Our Management Team

Ritu D’Silva

Ritu D’Silva

Managing Director
A visionary entrepreneur, she has driven transformative growth over 15 years. Her financial acumen and people-centric approach have been pivotal to the company’s continuous success.
R.K. Murthy

R.K. Murthy

Chief Executive Officer
An accomplished leader with a wealth of experience in healthcare, spanning international markets, and is renowned for his exceptional achievements.
Zeeshan Quazi

Zeeshan Quazi

Sales & Marketing Manager
A performance leader, renowned for driving revenue, expanding market share, fostering lasting client relationships, and enhancing brand visibility.

Key Strengths

Hessamed's strengths lie in its experienced team, niche product category, customer-centric approach, and commitment to innovation, making it a leader in the healthcare solutions industry.
Experienced & Knowledgeable team

Experienced & Knowledgeable team

Our exceptional quality healthcare solutions are a result of our highly experienced team, guided and led by our senior management with expertise in the healthcare industry.
Niche Product Category

Niche Product Category

We specialize in providing niche healthcare solutions to our customers, enabling us to focus our resources and expertise on delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach prioritizes strong relationships, innovative pricing, critical inventory, and alternative products for optimal care.
Innovation and Flexibility

Innovation and Flexibility

Our innovative and flexible approach enables us to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions by constantly adapting to customers' needs.

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